Software Development Academy

Become a Software developer!

The top coding course choice for switching your career into programming in Sweden is now available on its 6th round at KTH in Stockholm. 

80% of participants are working as developers and more than 90% had at least one job interview through our network.

Hurry up and apply to launch your career as Java Software Developer.

The course is free and we have limited seats.

Software Development Academy is a unique collaboration between Novare Potential and KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

The course consists of 500 hours of coding with some of the best international teachers in software engineering from KTH. It corresponds to the amount of coding for a bachelor’s degree as a system developer.

Apply now if you are interest for the next round, the course shall start at the beginning of september 2019, the training will last for 3 months in Stockholm city.

Why we do it, and why you should?

Today there is an unsustainable gap between the potential that new arrivals to Sweden have to offer and how the Swedish job market succeed in managing it. At the same time, there is a big shortage of IT-developers in the Swedish IT-sector. The main point of the program is that the participants will go through a world-class education at KTH to learn a skill that is needed in the Swedish job-market and through the strong network of Novare get a big exposure to possible employers.

Course Content:

  • Object-oriented programming and design
  • UML
  • Testing methods and tools
  • Android app development
  • XML and JSON
  • Data access and web services
  • Best practices for large-scale development
  • Scrum and agile methodologies

Learning outcomes: 

After Software Development Academy, every participant has been practicing 500 hours dedicated to practical coding, resulting in solid programming skills in Java 8/9.

The curriculum includes the essential practical parts of undergraduate studies in Computer Sciences, and essential topics in Software Engineering. The participants will be able to carry out object-oriented programming projects including both modelling and implementation and understand and master the parameters within software development that make program code sustainable, re-usable and flexible to change of requirements. In addition, all the candidates are proficient of working in a Scrum development team.

What happens after the training?

The aim of this intensive training is to prepare the participants to work as IT-professionals in the Swedish market, mainly as developers. Therefore, every participant who successfully completes the training and has the proper competence to work will be promoted for job interviews through Novare Potential with exciting companies in Sweden. Novare Potential will offer employment to those who are matched with Novare’s customers. During the employment at Novare Potential you will have a mentor/coach to ensure a sustainable career development with the aim for you to have a long-term employment with our customers.

Who can apply?

All the candidates who has passion for Software Development and Java or a previous education/experience within the same area are welcome to apply but the most important criteria is that the applicant is motivated to complete a full-time intensive training and that he/she will pass the tests that we will have in the selection process. The training is very intensive since it will include the hours equivalent to the core practical parts as in a 3 years university program.

Participant profile:

You can be a participant in this training regardless of your educational background, the most important is your motivation, skills and ability to complete the intensive training. In the recent programs, we have had participants with many years of experience as developers, testers, project managers etc. but also people with high motivation and learning capabilities but no prior experience.

It is very important that you:

  • Can communicate well in English since the training will be conducted in English
  • Have a knowledge about the Software Development field
  • Have the interest and willingness to work as Software Developer
  • Having a previous software development education or experience is a PLUS.

What is next?

Among those who meet the main requirements, the most suitable applicants will be invited to:

  • Conduct English and Aptitude tests
  • Those who will get highest scores will be invited for an interview.


The training will be held at KTH’s premises in Stockholm city. It is very important to know that training requires physical attendance and can’t be completed by online attendance.

If you are interested to be enrolled in the training, please apply here and make sure to answer all the questions in the application form.

For further questions or more clarifications please don’t hesitate to write to us at

“The Software Development Academy is different from traditional undergraduate studies in Computer Science. For example, SDA includes a team project which is larger and more complex than projects that college or university students typically complete during their studies.
Teacher: Philipp Haller, Assistant Professor of Computer Science at KTH

”Software Development Academy provided me a sound foundation in object oriented programming. I was taught how to develop using architectural and design patterns. Additionally, I was able to practice plenty of git and GitHub within a team, which was absolutely essential in my first developer job. 
Participant: Danning Shimanovskiy, Kivra

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